Mathematics lies just at the heart of the curriculum and also at the heart of knowledge.

Maths at Downside School

The development of logical processing, analytical powers and the ability to form connections between diverse fields, are transferable skills that can be applied to all other aspects of the Downside education, as well as in later life.

Whilst there is some need for learning by rote, the emphasis throughout the mathematics curriculum is on interpretation and application. Problem solving helps to develop thinking skills as well as to consolidate the fundamentals. The pupils are taught in ability based sets from the First Year up to the Fifth Year, so pupils can learn at the most appropriate pace. Whilst the bottom sets concentrate on understanding and using the fundamental principles, top sets develop the concepts to more depth with opportunities to tackle more challenging problems, rather than just extending the syllabus.

Computer Science at Downside School

Computer Science is delivered to First and Second Form pupils each week, along with ESafety and ICT, under the umbrella term of Computing. They have the opportunity to discover how computers count, how the internet works and even learn to program in two different languages.

In Fourth Form, pupils study GCSE Computer Science. They build on the lessons from first and second form, learning about the theory of programming, computational thinking and continuing their programming journey. They also learn about the legal aspects of computing, networks, infrastructure and cyber security.

GCSE and A Level Mathematics

Pupils are prepared for GCSE, which offers a robust traditional course that prepares well for the rigours of A Level mathematics as well as giving a sound basis for further studies in subjects for which a good background understanding of mathematics is essential, such as sciences and technology.

Mathematics is one of the most popular A Level subjects. The Sixth Form course is a mixture of Pure and Applied modules. Further Mathematics is also available for those seeking to read mathematics or engineering or science at a top university. This offers a rich variety of mathematical study, with more emphasis on applied aspects such as the study of Further Statistics, Further Mechanics, and Decision mathematics. A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics enhances the ability to think clearly, manipulate precise and intricate concepts, follow complex reasoning, construct logical arguments and expose illogical ones; skills that are invaluable in the rapidly changing modern world.

Downside School Mathematics Staff

Dr JT Amador PhD Head of Mathematics
Miss S Moody BSc Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs F Seggie BSc Hons, PGCE Teacher of Mathematics
Fr M Patey BSc Hons, PGCE, STL Teacher of Mathematics
Mr W Vaughan MEd Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D Bryson BSc Hons, NPQH Teacher of Mathematics
Mr I Ramsden BSc Hons Head of Computer Science
Mrs S Allen BA, QTS Teacher of of Computer Science