The study of English Literature is integral to the intellectual and spiritual education, and formation, of our young people at Downside.

English at Downside School

Thinking and writing about the complex and textured manner in which men and women have reflected upon life in the different genres of poetry, fiction and drama, not only hones and develops their analytical and critical skills, but also brings them to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the human condition.

The English literary tradition is a rich and diverse stream, and students at Downside receive a broad literary education through daily and dramatic encounters with canonical, contemporary and Christian writers in the classroom.  Pupils have the opportunity to hear from visiting speakers, attend literary festivals, benefit from the workshops and performances of visiting theatre companies, and attend dramatic productions in Bath, Bristol, Stratford-upon-Avon and London.

Downside School English Staff

Mrs J Rainey MA Head of English
Ms H Wilson BA Teacher of English
Miss A Anglim Teacher of English
Ms A McGarry BA  Teacher of English / Drama & Theatre