Downside School Libraries

The libraries are a vital part of the academic and cultural life at the School. They seek to provide equal access for all pupils to:

• engage with information and materials in text and electronic form as a support to learning and teaching in the School

• develop information and study skills

• extend reading for pleasure

• become involved in the running of the libraries

The Petre Library is the principal school library.  It is open each day as follows: 
Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm
Saturday 9am – 12:45pm
Sunday 1pm – 5:00pm
During the Summer Term, evening times are extended for later prep and there is an additional Sunday evening session.

Library highlights

World Book Day
This year’s theme was Animals in the Library. Dogs are now visiting the library regularly to help redress pupil stress and boost their confidence.

Author Visits
This year, from poet Tony Walsh and novelist Sally Nicholls.

Audio books
Pupils take part in school-wide recordings of classic books – so far we have recorded Treasure Island and Anne of Green Gables.

Books to Africa
Library volunteers help to pack unwanted science books for schools in Kenya.

Plus a number of other literary competitions and events throughout the year.

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