CCF Staff Profiles

Read about Downside School’s Combined Cadet Force staff through their profiles below. The CCF Staff deliver exceptional Cadet education for pupils in GCSE & Sixth Form.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Profiles

Downside School Team

Lt Col Neill Barrett

Contingent Commander - Worked with the Downside CCF since 1991. Was a cadet at King Edwards School, Bath and St Brendan’s College in Bristol. Regularly takes part in both Easter and Summer Camps. Neill became OC in September 2004, having previously been OIC Army Section for many years.

Downside School Team

Major Robert Butt

2 i/c and OIC Army Section - Head of History and part of OIC Army Section since arrival at Downside in 2004. Small and Fullbore Range qualified with FA@W, and puts his previous Regular (RA) and TA (RGJ) experience to good use in running field days and night exercises. Rob is also a D of E Gold and Silver Assessor and has an ML qualification and regularly attends both Easter and Summer CCF camps. He responsible for getting the 6th Form through their MOI /JNCO Cadre and the Advanced Infantry syllabus.

Downside School Team

Major John Storey

Army Section - Joined Downside in 2015 as Head of Classics. He is a qualified Mountain Leader, Cave Leader and Kayaker, is a former member of the Royal Marines Reserve. He was previously a teacher, Assistant House Master and CCF Contingent Commander at Ardingly College and before that taught at Sherborne School.

Downside School Team

Captain Alastair Falzon

Army Section - Director of Pastoral Care, has been a Teacher of German at Downside since 2000. He is CCF officer in charge of the 4th Form, responsible for completing their Basic Syllabus and the Bronze D of E. Alastair completed the CCF Advanced Course at Frimley Park in October 2005 and is both Small and Fullbore range qualified with FA@W.

Downside School Team

Lt Oliver Simper

Army Section- Has worked at Downside since 2012. Lt Simper runs the Fifth Form programme and Silver DofE. His interests include: travel, hiking, skiing, running and country sports.

Downside School Team

Lt Cdr Sue Moody

Naval Section – She recently retired from the CCFA after 10 years as Honorary Secretary, whilst in this role she set up the Grants Award process that continues to benefit many cadets each year. Sue runs Leadership courses, having assisted with them since they were first set up 18 years ago; she also assists HQ CCF with policy writing, especially in areas connected to child protection and residential issues. Sue runs CCF RN residential courses every Easter and Summer Holiday

Downside School Team

CPO David Pollard

SSI – Enjoyed a 27-year career within the Army and Royal Navy. Joined Downside as the SSI in 2012. Former Royal Navy CCF Area Instructor. Runs shooting activities and is a qualified Mountain Leader, Canoe Coach, Sailing Instructor and Power Boat Instructor. He coordinates the 160-pupil DofE scheme and is Ten Tors team manager.

Downside School Team

SI Danielle Taylor

DofE and CCF Assistant - Joined Downside in 2016. She has represented the country at shooting, and is also a shooting coach at Frimley. Held the rank of RSM within Somerset ACF, and was appointed as one of the Lord’s Lieutenant Cadets. Also runs her own ACF detachment in Midsomer Norton.