CCF at Downside

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) has always been an integral part of life at Downside. It exists to enable the development of personal responsibility, leadership and self-discipline.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

Pupils throughout the School are able to take part in a broad range of challenging, exciting and adventurous activities. All Third Form (aged 13+) pupils are able to experience the full range of CCF activity during the academic year. At the end of the Third Form, pupils can elect to move onto the Royal Navy, or Army, section in their senior years at Downside. One full afternoon per week is allocated to CCF activity, with additional camps, expeditions and training sessions scheduled throughout the year. 

CCF Activities

Current activities available through the CCF at Downside include:

Pupils who are involved within CCF activity are eligible to apply to take part in the Ten Tors expeditions and Duke of Edinburgh award training. 

CCF Events

Short History of The Combined Cadet Force

The Downside CCF began as the Officers’ Training Corps in 1909, and became known as the CCF in 1948. Many of the Old Gregorians who fought in the Great War, and Second World War, were former members of the Downside OTC.