Downside School Boarding and Day Fees

Downside School boarding and day fees for the academic year 2018/19 are as follows:

  Junior Pupil (Years 7 & 8) Senior Pupil (Years 9-13)
Full Boarding £8,412 per term £11,287 per term
Day £5,414 per term £6,417 per term

There are three terms in each academic year: Michaelmas, Lent and Summer.

All the costs incurred in the usual course of the education by the School of a pupil shall be met by the fees unless otherwise notified by the School. Co-curricular activities such as private music lessons, trips, House accounts, and public examinations shall be deemed to be supplemental to items met by the fees and charged for accordingly.

Click here for information about additional academic fees incurred for EAL and Learning Support.

Fee-concessions are available for siblings and for children of Old Gregorians (alumni):

Second and subsequent siblings are eligible for a 10% concession on the school fees only when two or more siblings are concurrently at the School.

Children of Old Gregorians
A concession of 2.5% on the school fees is available for each child.

Payment Plan

An Advance Fees Scheme is operated by the School. It is tax-efficient and can offer attractive returns. Fees remain fixed at the year in which the prepayment is received therefore avoiding further fee increases. With an average fee increase typically in the range of 3-4% across the sector, compounding over the duration of your child’s education this is a highly attractive yield not subject to tax. Details of the scheme and further information on fees and charges can be obtained from the Bursar.

Registration and Deposit Payments

A registration fee of £100 is payable to register a pupil for Downside School. The registration fee is not refundable.

A deposit of £900 as confirmation of a guaranteed place of entry to the School is payable in the academic year before a pupil starts at Downside.  This is deducted from the final bill on leaving Downside School. 

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For non EU applicants, a deposit of one full terms fees in advance is required. This is held by the School until payment of the final bill when leaving Downside.