Food at Downside

Downside aims to provide its pupils with a nutritionally sound and balanced diet that is varied, appealing and sustainably sourced.

We are delighted to partner with award-winning caterers Holroyd Howe to deliver a complete service for our pupils. There are always vegetarian/vegan options as well as meat and fish dishes from the hot counters, a salad bar and fresh fruit. Individual dietary requests are catered for by arrangement. Pupils are encouraged to submit ideas to the Catering Manager and sensible suggestions are taken up, with suggestions also discussed by the pupil-led School Council.

At Downside the safety of our pupils, staff, catering team and the wider school community is our number-one priority. From the start of the new academic year there have been some changes to the kitchen and service to ensure that everyone can eat safely every day.

1. Our Food Offer
Fresh, seasonal and nutritious foods are still available every day, and we have taken great care to ensure this is not impacted. During these times we have had to alter some of our usual offering to keep everyone safe.

Some of the changes that pupils may see:

2. Health & Safety
Our catering team will not attend work if they have COVID-19 related symptoms. All team members will wash their hands thoroughly and more regularly, they will not touch their face and they will wear a clean uniform every day. Catering staff will stay socially distanced from pupils, colleagues and school staff. Contact points in the catering areas (kitchens, Ref, Servery, etc.) will be cleaned more regularly.