It’s no secret that, since the pandemic hit, more and more families are looking at their lifestyles – where they live, how they live, where they work, how they work, and where their children go to school.

Moving to a location where there is more fresh air and more green, open spaces has become a number one priority for many families who have the means to make such a move. Larger gardens, less pollution, less over-crowding, a simpler life to concentrate on community and family matters – these are all important factors that relocators are considering.

A move to the country certainly doesn’t mean second best for schooling – good news for staunch city dwellers wanting to make a choice without compromising on the education of their children. For example, Downside is set in a 500-acre safe and transformative campus, perfect for giving your child space to flourish academically, emotionally and spiritually. The School has plenty of outdoor space for pupils to enjoy a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular options (mountain biking, archery, sports, bush craft, to name but a few) as well as the space to simply relax with friends away from the classroom.

It’s well documented that spending time surrounded by nature can have a significant effect on children’s wellbeing, academic success and overall happiness. Since the pandemic, conditions such as Nature Deficit Disorder have been something for us all to consider to increase awareness of  the deep human need for nature connection. Indeed, it is adding a greater sense of urgency for children, families and communities to better connect with the beauty of the natural world around them and appreciate the effect that country living might have on them. And what better place to do that than in the heart of Somerset…?

To find out more about how living and learning at Downside can benefit your son or daughter, please contact our Admissions Team.