Christmas Lectio Party

Just before Christmas, a service for all those who take part in Lectio Divina groups within the school, was held in the Weld Cafe. During the service, the new Lectio group leaders were presented with bibles in leather covers and prayer cards, and all the other Lectio group leaders were given small Lectio altar cloths and crosses for them to use when they run their prayer groups. It was a quietly affecting service in the Weld Café; Dom Leo spoke about the importance of sharing God’s word and Dr Whitehead spoke about Agape – the form of Christian love that is specially celebrated in the Gospels – as the group prepared for an Agape meal of Pizza and Chocolate Mousse. The whole event was coordinated by the St Scholastica Community and led by Chelo Verdugo; after the meal there were party games. It was a delightful evening for everyone to enjoy.