We are delighted to announce recent key CCF appointments as follows: Maria as Head of the Navy section, Lily as Head of the Army section, Ben as Regiment Sergeant Major, Sophia as Head of Fourth Form and Beth as Head of Third Form.

From Lily: ‘As JUO and Head of the CCF, I strive to lead by adopting a spirit of unity and collaboration among all cadets. I want to bring the Combined Cadet Force to the forefront of Downside, enhancing the venture and exhilaration I experience. I have consistently been a part of the CCF since the Third Form. I look to be a role model to the other girls, as well as bringing diversity of thought to the CCF leadership team. In the Downside CCF, cadets have the opportunity to take responsibility and to develop skills such as leadership, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance, which are encompassed in our Benedictine values.’ As JUO, Lily is also the most senior cadet in the CCF this year.

From Maria: ‘As Head of Navy, and the only senior female in the section, I feel really privileged to be given this responsibility. I am really eager to encourage more girls to join the Navy section so we can keep an equal balance between girls and boys. Throughout my time in the Navy I have taken advantage of all the different opportunities the CCF have offered. It is through these experiences I have learnt to persevere during times of physical and mental challenge which I believe has helped develop my resilience. I am really keen to encourage all the younger years to take part in the courses on offer to them, as they are a great experience. 

Having witnessed at first hand the very positive influence of previous Heads of Navy, such as Fae Hicks (I18), I have seen the importance of having a leader who is keen to strive for the potential of the section, and encourage them at the same time. This year, I am keen to follow in Fae’s footsteps and emulate her skills of command and positive influence over the younger years.’

From Ben: ‘As Regimental Sergeant Major, I am honoured to have received this role. The biggest thing I look forward to doing within the Army Section is teaching the younger students how to develop their skills within the CCF and, specifically, Duke of Edinburgh and Ten Tors which I have done myself. I look forward to working with the staff and being someone to look up for the younger cadets.’

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