Boarding at Sixth Form

Elsa joined Downside at Sixth Form, having previously been at school in London as a day pupil, we asked about her experience of moving to boarding…

Moving from a Sixth Form Day School to a Sixth Form Boarding School

When I was at a day school it didn’t occur to me that I might be missing out on anything, but I knew that I wanted something new. It wasn’t a conscious decision to move to ‘boarding’ for Sixth Form, we visited Downside and it just happened to be a boarding school…we have family friends who knew Downside and thought that I might like it, in fact, I love it!

A Different Experience at Sixth Form

Being at a boarding school is a different experience. In London, you have the independence of travelling to school using public transport and so on but here you have to learn to look after yourself on a day-to-day basis; you adapt very quickly.  Whilst there is a level of independence we still have our meals cooked and our clothes washed…it’s a good first move ahead of University life!

Settling in

Whilst there are lots of new pupils here for Sixth Form most of my friends tend to have been here for years…you don’t find too many niche crowds, everyone integrates pretty well. If a younger pupil asked me about Downside School, I would recommend it. You don’t realise how much support you’ll get…you have 70 people living with you, coaxing you along the way, particularly the younger you are, you’ll get even more support.

Extra Time to Explore

I’m studying English, Geography, Religious Studies, and German, and I love to get involved in Debating. I’m involved with the Abingdon Society and represent the School in MUN [Model United Nations] conferences – I’m definitely more academic than sporty! I’m planning to drum up more interest amongst my peers in debating next year…it’s great. In terms of hopes for the future, I’m currently trying to decide between studying ‘Philosophy and German’, or Geography. I like everything! It makes it very hard to choose.

Visit Downside School Sixth Form

If you would like to experience Downside School for yourself, why not visit us on our next Open Day on Saturday 3rd November.