Monastery News

Vespers for Benedictine Bath 2018

The monks of Downside Abbey will sing Vespers, a sacred part of the Divine Office in Latin, for this year’s Benedictine Bath festival. The event will take place at the chapel of St Michael Within in the St John’s Foundation, Bath on the 2nd July at 6pm.  The monastic choir will be joined by the choir […]

75th Anniversary of Downside Air Crash

On 15th May Downside marked the 75th anniversary of the Downside Air Crash with a commemorative event to remember the 9 pupils of the school and the pilot who lost their lives that day.  On the afternoon of 15th May 1943 a Sea Hurricane based at RNAS Yeovilton crashed into the cricket pitch during a […]

Rosary on the Coast in the Crypt

In union with nearly 400 Rosary Sites lining the coastline of England, Scotland and Wales, Dom Leo and Dom Michael recently joined with many Parishioners, and others, to pray for life, faith and peace in the British Isles. The “Rosary on the Coast” lay movement has attracted unprecedented numbers of Catholics, with countless thousands praying […]

‘Some He Called…’ retreat

We were pleased to welcome seven men this weekend, who are considering the possibility of a vocation to priesthood and/or religious life. The retreat was structured around the Divine Office and Mass (as you would expect in a Benedictine monastery) and consisted of a few talks on the theme from Dom Anselm and Dom James, […]