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IMSSS Symposium at Downside 2018

Over 70 delegates from the IMSSS visited Downside Abbey to have a day conference in the abbey church. The Heritage team joined Dom James in exhibiting a collection of relics, manuscripts and vestments in the sacristy for the delegates. A lecture series and workshop took place in the abbey church exploring some of Downside’s rarest […]

Benedictine Bath Vespers

Benedictine Bath 2018 opened this week with the monastic community of Downside Abbey singing Vespers at St John’s Foundation.  The community was joined by the choir of St John the Evangelist and the chapel was filled with guests who all enjoyed the Gregorian Chant. After Vespers a selection of refreshments was provided by St John’s […]

Br John working with BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 have been at Downside recently working with Br John as part of a new series of podcasts they are producing.  Br John spent two days working with the team from the BBC as they followed him on his daily life for a podcast which explores young people who have chosen different lifestyles. […]

Vespers for Benedictine Bath 2018

The monks of Downside Abbey will sing Vespers, a sacred part of the Divine Office in Latin, for this year’s Benedictine Bath festival. The event will take place at the chapel of St Michael Within in the St John’s Foundation, Bath on the 2nd July at 6pm.  The monastic choir will be joined by the choir […]