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Monthly careers newsletter 2021-22

May 2022

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Higher Education advice enables you to choose the right courses at every stage of your life at Downside and beyond. We have a well-resourced Sixth Form Centre (JCR), which is overseen by the Head of Careers and UCAS and HE Coordinator.

University Open Days

There is the opportunity to go to University Open Days and Fairs during term time and Downside staff will advise on the right subjects to get you onto your chosen degree course. You will be given all the help you need to get it right. Your aspirations can be tested and realised for your future beyond the School.

Oxbridge Applicants

A weekly session is held for those pupils aspiring to a place at Oxbridge for science and mathematical subjects, or for a medical, dental or veterinary course. The school regularly sends candidates to Oxbridge and to medical courses in the UK and abroad. The seminar-style sessions involve discussion, making an application and preparation of interview. There are similar sessions for those applying for non-science subjects.

A website listing all the University Open Days is here.
Information about the Russell Group Universities can be found here.

CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance)

Your child will be given support and guidance to consider their future career throughout their time at Downside, from First Form to Upper Sixth.


With a designated Head of Careers on staff, as well as impartial guidance from an independent CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) provider, FutureSmart Careers Ltd, all Downside pupils have access to professional careers advice.  Careers now form part of the curriculum for every year group, helping pupils to make informed choices at key stages in their education, most especially when choosing GCSE and A levels, and, of course, concerning their options upon leaving the School. Click here for the Downside Careers Education and Guidance Programme.

Your son or daughter will be introduced to the Old Gregorian (OG) network, the Downside alumni. OGs are truly international, working in a wide variety of careers and are very supportive of our pupils and young graduates. We are always looking to grow our network of contacts, and if you would like to contribute to our careers programme, please do get in touch.

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Mr Oliver Simper
Head of Careers