The CCF Pipe & Drum Band had the privilege of leading the Bath Remembrance Parade through the historic City of Bath for Remembrance Sunday for the first time since 2019.

Following an intense week of rehearsals, polishing boots and shaping berets, there was an air of excitement as the Band, joined by Old Gregorians Owain (R20) and Isaac (R15), disembarked the coach behind Bath Abbey. The musicians formed up for one last rehearsal with the bagpipers and immediately a crowd started to gather and applaud. Shortly afterwards, the Band was marching towards the Guildhall behind Drum Major and Head Boy Joseph Day. They proceeded to play a few pieces including the largo from Dvorak’s New World Symphony and Highland Cathedral whilst waiting for the rest of the parade which comprised veterans, representatives of the British Legion and other cadet organisations.

The streets of Bath were lined with people on both sides and, whilst the atmosphere was joyful, there was a certain air of solemnity as both participants and spectators were aware that this parade’s purpose was to remember the fallen. It was a great honour for Downside’s CCF Band and the pupils and staff involved rose to the occasion.

Click here to see the Band in action.