A Message of Hope from the St Teresa Community:

‘The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned’ (Isiah 9:2) This is a passage from Isaiah. His reference to people walking in darkness could be related to you. You may feel as though God does not care for you, that his light does not shine on you. We also experience it sometimes. However, remember that this feeling could not be further from the truth. Christmas is a time to share the Mystery of light of the God who has come to us in the innocence of newly born baby. From that imagery, the God of the whole world wants to reach us, in total humbleness to speak to our heart and say that he cares, he is here for us, he is acting in your life. In this time of great celebration, we remember all those who are yet to find God’s light and feel as though they are in darkness. We pray that through the Grace of God, they feel the warmth of Christ and share in it this Christmas. Even at the times where darkness dominates and the light of Christ seems far away, Isaiah 9:2 shows us that those in darkness will receive light. We hope that this Christmas will be that time for you. Although you may feel alone, you never are. God’s love shines down upon us, especially at Christmas time. We remember his love for all of us and the birth of the baby Jesus is a visual reminder of this. May this message bring a smile to your face and kindle warmth in your hearts. We pray that wherever you are this Christmas, God’s love finds a place in your heart. May you let him in and allow him to show you all the good in the world at Christmas time.

Please click here for the Polish translation.

The St Teresa Community
The St Teresa Community aims to bring awareness of a Christ-centred service within the School community. This is either by advertising and promoting a culture of service or by spearheading fundraisers for charities. During each meeting, projects and service in the School are discussed and put into action. The Community’s highlights throughout the academic year include a ‘Month of Service’, which raises the awareness of service in the School, charity movie nights and a winter sleep out at the School for local charity HelpForHomeless.