Every year, at the end of the Summer Term, pupils have the opportunity to take part in ‘3 Days’ – an activity programme including sport, the Arts, outdoor education and service.

This year pupils enjoyed paddle sports, mono-printing, sports camps, Bake Off,  starters’ sign language, a pilgrimage to Glastonbury and Singin’ in the Rain Jr, amongst other activities. ‘3 Days’ is a chance to start to wind down to the end of the academic year, and to try new things. 

Pilgrimage to Glastonbury
The pilgrimage included a group from the Upper Sixth Form, the Lay Chaplain, Mr Andrewartha, and members of the St Scholastica Community. On day one, pupils learnt what it means to be a pilgrim and what a pilgrimage entails. On day two the pilgrims walked the 18 miles to Glastonbury Tor with plenty of stops along the way in rural churches to reflect on the Gospel of Mark. To add to the fun, some of the Sixth Formers carried the Roberts House flag between them all the way!

Music Videos
Several pupils created music videos featuring some of their favourite spots around Downside including the Worth Lawn, the Main Hall Mirror and the monkey puzzle tree! Kingfisher performed I Predict a Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs and Sebastian Hall performed Chills by Lucas Renney, accompanied by fellow Sixth Formers Daisy on bass, and Caspar who delivered a powerful solo towards the end of the piece. Two of our Third Form girls produced thoughtful ballads – Yellow by Coldplay and Lifeline by Reuben Gray.

Singin’ in the Rain Jr
Younger pupils in the School started rehearsing Singin’ in the Rain Jr from scratch on day one of ‘3 Days’, performing it to a school audience on the afternoon of day three – no mean feat! ‘Lina’ was hilarious as she ‘perfected’ ‘ta, tay, te, toe, too’ in elocution lessons and then attempted to pull off her first ‘talkie’ in a high-pitched whine. ‘Don’ and ‘Cosmo’ were most entertaining with Moses Supposes, and ‘Kathy’ delighted us with her rendition of You are my Lucky Star. The four leads were very ably supported by other talented pupils from the First to Third Forms; sound and lighting was managed by a First and Second Form boy; Sixth Former Alex Harwood directed and fellow Sixth Formers Marianna and Gioia choreographed.