256th Anniversary of the Coronation of King George III

Today marks 256 years since the Coronation of King George III and Queen Charlotte.

Just this week we have found a copy of the day’s proceeding in our archive! The 16 page document details who attended the procession. Leading the procession:

The King’s Herb Woman, with her six Maids strewing the way with herbs.
The Dean of Beadle of Westminster, with his Staff.
The High Constable of, Westminster wit his staff, in a Scarlet Cloak.
A Fife.
Four Drums.
The Drum Major.
Eight Trumpets.
A Kettle Drum.
The Serjeant Trumpeter.
The Six Clerks in the Chancery.
The Closet Keeper of the Chapel Royal.
The King’s Chaplains, having Dignities.
The Sheriff of London.

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