Minibus Routes

Downside School offers daily minibus trips from Frome and Bath early in the morning and at the end of the school day; additional stops can be arranged on these routes to suit parents, as long as they are safe and legal.

Frome to Downside School

The route from Frome to Downside School calls at Mells and Holcombe.

Bath to Downside School

The route from Bath to Downside School calls at stops along the A367.

Minibus Cost

Payable termly, the following fees apply: 
Journey of less than 5 miles: £275/term
Journey of greater than 5 miles: £325/term 

Generous sibling discounts apply: 25% for each of 2 concurrent pupils; and 50% off for each of 3 or more concurrent pupils. 

More Information

For more details please contact:

Mrs Helena Graham
Telephone: 01761 235125