The Downside Review

The Downside Review

Since 1880 the Downside Review – a quarterly journal published by the monks of Downside – has provided a forum for the scholarly discussion and debate of a wide range of topics, including monastic history, theology, philosophy, Scripture studies and spirituality.

It offers a distinctively monastic perspective on the Church’s Faith and Tradition, and hopes thereby to enrich the influence of Catholic intellectual life on the culture of our day.

The Editor is always glad to welcome articles and book reviews submitted for publication, and particularly from representatives of the various monastic traditions.

For further information on the Downside Review, please contact the Managing Editor Dr Simon Johnson.

Tel: 01761 235 313

Alternatively, for subscriptions, back numbers, enquiries about published articles etc., please contact:

Publications Office,
The Downside Review,


An index of authors and articles covering the years 1960 to 2000 is available here.