Monastery News

Somerset Church Leaders’ Retreat

We were delighted to welcome the Somerset Church Leaders to Downside for their annual retreat earlier this week. They much valued the opportunity to step away from busy lives, often travelling many miles around churches in the south west, to slow down, pray, think and talk together about different aspects of their ministry. Among the […]

Spiritual Exercises Retreat

Last weekend, a series of monthly day retreats, based on the spirituality of St Ignatius (founder of the Jesuits) and his ‘Spiritual Exercises’, began at Downside. The sessions are designed to help people meditate by using their imagination, and are focused mainly on the story of Jesus presented in the Gospels. The series is facilitated by trained […]

What are we reading?

Most people probably know that at Downside, as in most Benedictine monasteries, we eat our meals in silence whilst someone reads a book. This has many reasons: we feed our minds as well as our bodies, and we get to hear many books that we otherwise would not read. We are currently reading a new […]

Listen to the podcast

Each week, the Downside monks produce a podcast. You can catch up with the Homily (and reading from the Holy Gospel) each week using iTunes or Stitcher. This week you can here Dom Anselm and Dom Leo, click here for further details.