Monastery News

Great Bede on BBC Radio 4

Did you hear Fr Leo and Fr Boniface on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday?  If not, click here and scroll to 20’13” to hear them talking about why BBC Radio 4 might do well to consider using Great Bede in place of Big Ben for a while…! 

Community Retreat

This week the monastic community have had their annual retreat. For the first time ever, the talks were given by a layman, Dr Giles Mercer, who spoke on the signs of the times, how we can draw strength from the past for the present, and Downside as the fruitful vineyard of the Lord in the […]

The Crypt was full!

Many will know that we celebrate a Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form at 11:15am on the first Sunday of the month in the abbey crypt. This time we decided to celebrate a Missa Cantata and were delighted to find that the crypt was full – had any more people come, they would have had […]

Downside Fisher Youth Club Camp

Downside has long enjoyed a partnership with the Downside Fisher Youth Club, based in Bermondsey, South London.  Downside Abbey took responsibility for the club in 1912, thanks to Dom Stephen Rawlinson, and today we still enjoy a strong friendship. Each year, we look forward to welcoming a group of children from Bermondsey, who pitch their tents […]