Monastery News

St Paul’s Anchor

We have kindly been given a Roman anchor by Commander John Gratton, which he found in Malta at the site traditionally associated with the shipwreck of St Paul, as recounted in Acts 28. The anchor is certainly from that period, and can be found at the back of the abbey church, near the statue of […]

Easter Retreat 2018

The Monastic Community at Downside Abbey invites everyone to share with them in Holy Week for the annual Easter Retreat. Young and old, families and friends are welcome to take part in a range of services, workshops and activities to celebrate this special time of the Christian year. ┬áThe theme for this year is “Waking […]

Essex University Retreat

After a long journey, the Catholic Society from Essex University finally arrived for their retreat at Downside. Dom Anselm oversaw events, giving two talks on the Our Father and also being available to answer questions and hear confessions. The students were very engaged with everything and much enjoyed the opportunity to attend the Office and […]


We were pleased to have welcomed the Somerset Church Leaders again this year for their annual retreat at Downside. The heads of the local Anglican, Methodist and Baptist churches, along with the Salvation Army and our own Bishop Declan of Clifton were our guests at a special supper. We all know that real ecumenism involves […]