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Hong Kong Dinner

A most enjoyable evening was had by all at the Hong Kong Football Club.  Plans are in place to meet again for drinks on Friday 9th March 2012 in the Captain's Bar at The Mandarin.  Any OG wishing to join them should contact Peter here.  Attendees were:

Joshua Mostyn (S09)
Robert Ogilivy Watson (R85)
Peter Tobias (S69)
Jeremy Higgs (C72)
Mark Chan (U89)
Edmund Wan (Ra90)
Anthony Lam (S86)
Kenneth Lam (S87)
Arthur Cheng (C06)
Mark Price (U81)
Guy Fulton (C88)
Hugo Marland (S07)
Jonathan Beardsworth (R74)
Peter Murphy (B86)
Gordon Pearce
Anastasia Hatvany