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The Community for old boys and girls

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Classicists Dinner

A small group of OGs from the late 60's got together at Brook's in London to enjoy each other's company and to hear Dominic (Chai) Lieven (R69) talk about how international relations may evolve in the twenty-first century.

Chai drew on some of the concepts that made his 2000 "Empire" an outstanding comparative analysis of the British, Russian, Habsburg and Turkish empires.  All were reminded of The Fourteen, a discussion group that flourished in the Downside of the 1960's under Dom Illtyd Trethowan.

L-R: Robert Jenkins (B71), Jeremy Gough (R70), Iain Mathewson (S69), Jeremy Heath (S69), Dominic Lieven (R69), Nick Martin-Smith (B68), Peter Jenkins (U67), Nicholas Mander (S67), Keith Rose (B66), David Stockley (R66), Tim Clarke (S77), Robert Colledge (R67).